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When Enough is Enough 

Have you ever been in a circumstance with a close friend or loved one who didn’t always treat you with respect?

Perhaps they weren’t always truthful or even betrayed you in the past. Maybe they bad mouth you when you’re not around or put you down when you are around.

BUT, they’re your friend right? Your family, your significant other? Someone who isn’t supposed to do things like that to hurt you.
You want to escape that sulky feeling right? You’re in their presence and you don’t know what exactly may spew out of their mouth this time or when the next verbal disagreement will be.

Sometimes they may make you feel down or even have you rethinking your worth and abilities.

When do you draw the line and say Enough is Enough? They’re your parent but they aren’t always parent-like. Betrayal hurts, it hurts like hell because it always comes from those we love. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be as painful.

There’s something extra wrong about a friend or family member doing wrong towards you versus a stranger.
You hope in these people.

You make excuse after excuse saying, “Oh she just had a bad day” or “maybe it is my fault”. Well, I just wanna tell you that you deserve respect and honesty no matter who the relationship is with.

You don’t deserve to be emotionally, physically or verbally abused by ANYONE but definitely not by people who you love and trust.
I know what you’re thinking, “But he is my Dad!”
“She’s my friend she doesn’t really mean it”
It still hurts though doesn’t it?

First of all, you need to tell this person how you feel. You don’t have to be disrespectful, just let them know that you’re feelings are hurt or that you’re realizing the relationship or interactions you share are NOT healthy.

Perhaps that doesn’t work. They keep up with the same old tricks. Manipulation, deceit, verbal or emotional abuse and maybe it gets even worse than that.
Enough is enough when they first give you the sign that they won’t listen. They may tell you that you’re overreacting and need to calm down.
Your mental health should always come first even if it is your own family destroying it. You deserve to be your best self, sane and happy.

You may not even realize the damage done until you remove it and see how free you feel.

You’ll always love them, always be respectful, but it’s more than okay to draw the line on communicating and even being around that person.
It’s gonna take some strength and courage but you can do it. You’ll be healthier this way. Just please always remember to ask yourself, “When have I had enough?”

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