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Why Loving Yourself Can Save Your Love Life


I’m sure you’ve heard how important it is to love yourself before getting into a relationship. What exactly does that mean? How do we do it? What are the benefits of knowing how to properly love yourself?

Relationships are nothing short of tricky and challenging at times. Given you’re with a good person who you accept you would probably flourish. There is nothing like LOVING yourself to secure that any relationship you have won’t be a waste of time.

Few Reasons To Learn To Love You Before Getting Serious

1. Standards, Morals and boundaries
2. Self Fulfillment
3. Confidence & Stability are attractive
4. Healthy Relationship

Standards. When you love and respect yourself you ultimately lay out standards and boundaries in a relationship. You don’t have to be too high maintenance to set out how you would want to be respected and treated in a relationship. This is definitely one of the most important concepts in loving yourself

If you have no boundaries for what you will allow and tolerate you may end up in a relationship with someone who treats you horrible. Which of course will inevitably end in a lot of heart ache and eventually a break up.

Set your standards and boundaries early on! Go into relationship knowing that you will not tolerate certain things. An example may be someone who argues, yells and degrades you. Make it known that you have no toleration for that treatment!


Self Fulfillment. You need to appreciate and like yourself in order to love yourself. Make sure you know you up until this point in your life. Get to know yourself and identify and appreciate your own qualities and uniqueness. Once you understand what you bring to the table you’ll be less likely to accept anything that could potentially hurt you emotionally or physically in a relationship. Not only will you save yourself from pain, but you will also make your significant other more attracted to you.

Confidence & Stability. Sorry to break it to you but insecurities can kill a relationship, even a good one. Not only is confidence attractive but it is necessary for a healthy relationship! Insecurity leads to doubt and fear. Two things you really don’t need in your new relationship.

Take time to fall in love with yourself. Gain that sense of confidence. Maybe you need to start telling yourself how awesome you are and go soul searching inside of yourself to figure out what you love about you and where your confidence stems from.

Healthy Relationship. Last but not least make sure your new relationship has good communication, trust, RESPECT and forgiveness. Don’t be with someone who is too hard on you. Always refer back to your boundaries and standards of what you’ll tolerate to be clear about the way you want to be treated. Be happy and whole before the relationship and make sure this person ADDS to your happiness like never before.

Never be with someone out of loneliness!

Hope this serves you well. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, always remember the importance of loving you!



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