Poetry|Remnant of You

Remnant of You


Early morning approaches with the desire to see your face,

Rhythmic, patterned breathing, escapes to the reality of dawn,

We leave our nest for the day to go about our own ways,

The day has gone by, as I go through my daily tasks,

Still remembering the imprint left on my mind from your love, so fulfilling,

Home at last, to greet your charismatic face,

Your embrace is as safe a mother bear’s as she grips her cubs,

Though your touch is as gentle as a feather,

Night does not delay any longer,

As I rest my eyes I recall this sense of familiarity,

Knowing that every night with you will be as safe and blessed as this,

When dawn erupts I will be left with my remnants of you.

Published by tiffygwrites

Tiffany is a Freelance Marketing Writer and Social Media Manager. She dazzles her client's web content, email campaigns, blog, and social media platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, ​and LinkedIn) Comprehensive social media strategies allow me to drive massive sales for my service based clients while expanding their website traffic and social accounts massively. When she's not creating content for small businesses and entrepreneurs she's spending time with her 3 kids, and husband or planning the next family vacation.

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