The Essence of Kindness

IMG_1282Are you one of those people who was just born naturally nice? Always sincere, always looking for the best in others and you’re there for others no matter what.

You don’t even have to put much thought in it. It’s your NATURE. You do it because that’s the way you were created. The way that you thrive and feel alive, is by always being smiley and

People are in awe of you. You seem to never have an “off” or “bad” day. At least you don’t let it completely surface, you always wish to put on your best happy face and exemplify that with your kind demeanor.

Some people may mistake your kindness for weakness but you know that is a horrible mistake to make. Someone as understanding as you, also understands the need to protect themselves. You ignore unnecessary drama but the second someone really crosses you, you know exactly what to do and say.

You probably light up a room as soon as you as a wall in it, because everyone knows the kindness you bring. You’re easy going, flexible to work with and you mostly always know the right things to say when someone needs it.

SMILING is your first language and laughter you’re second. Whenever your friends or family need anything from you, whether it be financial, or time-related you’re always there. It would burn you on the inside to leave someone hanging.

Your LOYALTY is undying. I mean kindness and loyalty go hand in hand right? Friendships and relationships are all very important to you. As the master of kindness, you feel responsible for making people happier.

When someone is upset your very first natural instinct is to nurture them. You act on this without thinking. It doesn’t take much thought to help someone in need.

You even help strangers. That is your random kindness that doesn’t go unnoticed. You affect more people than you think. Always looking for ways to encourage and motivate others.

Some people need some of your attributes, your smile, your attitude, your sweet but inspiring words. They need that in their day to go on doing what they do. So they call you and text you, spark conversations just because they want to hear from you and may even seek advise from you.

Even when faced with adversity your instinct is kindness, sometimes you don’t even realize it until the confrontation is over.

Even though you’re kind, you’re not easily hurt. Your kindness allows you to have the strength and emotional intelligence to understand others. So you like to remain this way, you wouldn’t change it if you could (for the most part).

There’s only far and few times that you regret your naturally sweet demeanor. Like when you’re betrayed by someone you love, your close friend, family or significant other.

You blame it on your kind nature at first, but don’t worry it’s not you, it’s them. After you realize that, it is easier to return to your normally happy, kind and forgiving mood.

Just beware. BEWARE of people who are manipulators and pick up on your kindness before you’re fully aware of their manipulation.

I mean you’re always willing to give the benefit of the doubt so you may not see it coming. Know that this is a gift that you have because not everyone is able to innately and naturally give free and sincere kindness to everyone they meet.

Even though you may feel your kindness could perhaps be some kind of curse, when others betray you, remember that the world needs more people like you.

The world needs more people like you to share love, kindness, and happiness. Especially to the ones who aren’t deserving.

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