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5 Months Pregnant Online Biz Owner Admitted to The 🏥 Hospital: Entrepreneur Chronicles


Y’all, I was living life minding my own business. Let me give you some background.

I’m a Conversion Copywriter (digital nomads) that works with service-based companies to establish their industry expertise.

Since the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I’ve used blogging to bring in website traffic for my brand while creating a 5-Step framework for my clients to increase their brand presence and sales.

If you’ve been following my pregnancy journey on IG, I briefly spoke about how horrid my morning sickness was🥲

But look! I was 20 weeks aka 5 months pregnant and feeling better. I thought everything was cool 😎

Until one day I had a super high fever and extreme fatigue that wouldn’t go away…

I went to urgent care here, and realized the entire back of my dress was wet.


The fever at this time was between 101-103F😐

They drew my blood, took a urine sample and everything came back negative🤒

So, I went home to deal with my high fever and extreme fatigue while pregnant.

As I spoke to one of my best friends she informed me my amniotic fluid might be leaking.

This time, instead of going to urgent care I went to the maternity ward ER.

Basically, my friend is right and she saved us because a high fever, while your water breaks early, isn’t an ideal living condition for a baby❤️

Then, I was admitted and told to go in extreme bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy😐😩

If you know me, ever since I’ve become a digital nomad I LOVE being on the move. Trips to Zanzibar, bus ride to Zambia, if it’s adventurous I’m there💕

Not anymore though.

The doctors were extremely concerned, the nurses told me not to move too much because I kept switching positions.

My growing beautiful belly now sports a little dip as a constant reminder not to take it too far and to rest.


After strict bed rest for 2 weeks or so (only getting up to shower and bathe) along with the unwanted bedrest symptoms of sore achy bones, losing weight, and feeling bored out of your mind I went to the doctor.

In the maternity ward a different doctor said it looked as if I never had Premature Rupture of Membranes (medical term for your water leaking too early)


My husband took excellent care of me and basically did everything I needed.

While my 3 other children patiently wait for their “regular mommy” to return.

🥳I’m now 7 months pregnant and grateful to The Most High for healing my womb and protecting my unborn child.

I’m also grateful for this Digital Nomad Copywriter life.

What could have been an even more dire situation turned out to be more of a physical dilemma instead of a financial one.

Now days, I sit in bed or on the couch writing, strategizing, and creating for my incredible clients.

I don’t have to worry about whether my business will survive because I’ve been able to sustain a strong social media, blog, and email presence.

My long-haul marketing strategy which has been rolling since 2017 enables me to be seen, increase visibility and maintain a sustainable business – even on bed rest with my workload extremely reduced.

The Business Side of Things

7 Months Prego

You might be wondering, “how did you sustain your entire business while being on bed rest?”

I let my marketing do the marketing for me by:

⁃ Batching old blogs into social media posts & emails

⁃ Re-sharing previous IGTV’s

There are always life lessons to be learned. The life lessons in this story are for you as an online entrepreneur to be aware of when you’re extending yourself beyond your limits.

You also need to NOT compare yourself and your marketing with other people. Do what works for you and your followers. I know it can be difficult to decide on which platforms, how to create messaging, and the best way to sell your services.

My advice?

Do what has worked in the past, tweak it, analyze, and start again.

My last tip?

Form long-term marketing habits and goals.

Social media alone won’t cut it. Create an email list, create captivating lead magnets that can lure new prospects in through ads, and blog for your business.

Create systems and SOP’s for your business. If a VA or expert in a specific area comes in, will they be able to assist your marketing efforts without too much help from you?

If you do these steps you’ll always have leads, reoccurring customers, and eyes on your business.

Even when you’re not at your best.

My question to you is, what are you doing today to ensure your marketing continues without you in the event of an emergency?

If you’re unsure & still struggling on the content marketing hamster wheel schedule a call here. Let’s make life easier and more strategized for you.

What have you had to overcome on your entrepreneurship journey?

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