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Are YOU Really Free?


Are You Really Free?

What is freedom? What comes to mind when you hear the word? Is it possible to be free in a society where everyone can track your every move with ease. Is it possible to be free in a system that is set up so that you have to go to school, get a job and work everyday of your life until you’re retired.

Do you grow your own food? Build your own inventions? Rely on yourself alone for what your family needs. We rely on our jobs for health care, because the average person does not know enough about the human body and nutrition to be able to diagnose and treat himself.

I picture freedom as making my own money, with my own business, growing my own food with the ability to buy whatever I may need without having to rely on a job to make someone else rich.

Other times I picture freedom in terms of having my own time and means to travel the world if I want to. Also being able to teach and educate my kids on things that modern schools do not teach.

Freedom is a relative term because each person has their own view. What I picture as freedom could be totally different than what you picture or describe.

Maybe freedom is going after what you want and not what your friends or family want for you. Maybe freedom is knowing yourself deep enough to know what is REALLY best for you.

Or perhaps your freedom is something obtained by understanding and knowing your own emotions and thoughts enough to understand that fear or insecurities may be in your way. Let those go and go on to your pursuit of freedom.

What do you think freedom is to you? How do you achieve it? Have you already achieved it?

Wherever you are in the process, ask yourself how can you achieve this? What makes YOU happy? Do you need to move, change cities, countries? Switch jobs? Change your major? Maybe if you’re spiritual or religious you need to pray.

I write this hoping that you figure out what freedom means to you, I hope that once you figure it out, you ACHIEVE it. After all, if we don’t have freedom then what do we have?

4 responses to “Are YOU Really Free?”

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    Tell me what you think!!

  2. I think freedom is mainly about free will (not in a religious sense). You can do and say what you want (other than the illegal stuff), make huge life decisions for your own life and mess it up or succeed according to the choices you make.

    Technically though, we are still bound by society and its structures to the tiny things like having to conform to office hours, needing to get paid to live etc. But that’s unnegotiable so free will is in your mind. Really great piece – made me think.

  3. Freedom is definitely subjective. how much freedom do you need? do you want freedom to work for yourself and be able to kill people if you don’t like them? Everyone may have a slightly different opinion of freedom which is awesome right? For myself I truly do agree with you that I think of working for myself and that working for someone else as a form of freedom. Being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it is just the bees knees in my opinion.

    1. Very true. I was aiming more for self liberating happiness no crimes involved 🙂

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